Saturday, 26 November 2016

Russel Rehmund

Is a TD I had the privilege of working with at ToonBox. Literally the animation department would fall apart if he wasn't in the studio. Explosions, War, Pestilence, Cats and Dogs living together would erupt. He wanted a random drawing so I did this for him being that he is a Star Wars fan and Sith Lord.


A drawing Morgan did of me holding a pistachio cupcake. One of the animators Nicole Mighton would make them on occasion.  They are the taste of Happy.

This scribble is my general state of mind when considering the infinite possibilities of hand drawn animation when compared to CGI animation.


Loves Nik Cage. I found this picture of Nik on the interwebs and photo shopped Cayle's face in so they could forever be pals.

Cayle did this great surprise Caylicature of me when I left Toonbox studio. I think he's a stellar person with great talent. The animation teams I have worked with in Toronto over the years are second to none.

More Happy Ginsberg

Morgan is out there....

He takes his work home with him, or the thought of it anyway. The drawings are done by Shane Doyle and Myself.

Morgan Vs the machine

A rare Charlie Bonifacio Drawing below

Morgan vs "9"

Supervising Gnomeo and Juliet.

Morgan on the set of "9"
Morgan's fights with computers would lead to various emotional states.

His quote of the week...

Shane having a jest at me regarding some unwanted NutJob movie dialog.

Every day the weather is discussed. Starz had its own meat locker conveniently located around Morgan's desk.

Starz had it own wind tunnel as well.

Morgan would complain the surface of the sun was too cold. Sitting with the Nut Job 2 animation team in the middle of summer.

Occasionally the Happy Ginsberg would arrive at work and talk to Cayle.

Morgan and Adam Beck discussing the Movie Delgo.

Dealing with an incompetent producer...

Date Night with his lady.

The joy from a Burger's Priest run
The Result of a Burger's Priest Run. That and Morgan is an avid Fat Albert Fan.

Morgan has always taken Shooting Reference for the Animation Crew very seriously

I have no idea what I was thinking...
Morgan's hands resemble a Nosferatu's

The Big Shot.
Shane speculates...

Thursday, 27 February 2014


I found this Hagar Cartoon en route to work one morning. That's about right.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Scott Heatherley

Scott is a pain in the neck.  He gets away with being so because he does some really great animation. He is also incredibly entertaining with his wild ideas about any given subject.

Scott often stops by where I sit to expound upon his vast knowledge of everything. The drawings are done by Shane Doyle and myself.

Rob Ford

Scott vs Cayle


A day in the life


Brad Pitt

Weird Science

Getting along with co-workers

Business models

Hall and Oates

Teacher of the year